An Interactive Universe of Wholesome Entertainment

3D virtual reality of high-tech audio software, 
designed to keep kids enthralled, engrossed and entranced.
Meet Sir Conference, host of The Loop.

He will become your new best friend through this exciting adventure called The Loop.

He'll greet you by your name, and guide you around, and if you want, you can just shmooze.
Hours of creative brainstorming, a team of professional script writers, talented sound technicians, and endless energy all come together to create this mega bash.

Here’s a taste of what it's like in The Loop:

Stories that are not just stories.


Told by master storytellers, all stories are complete with music and sound effects that are designed to immerse your child in the world of storytelling.


Interactive mystery stories - where your child can choose the next episode.


Story contest - where children can record their own story, and rate others.

Fun games to play and enjoy


In The Loop’s game center: 
Your child can turn your regular simple house phone into a bop it game. To add to the challenge, your child can play in Spanish! Your child can play a memory game, without losing the cards. Your child can record a mad-lib game, and share it with other callers. Your child can play games against other kids, anywhere in the world!


Every kid loves a thrill! Your child can figure out the clues, guess the answer to the Headspinners feature, and win points and prizes.


Karaoke - Your children can sing their hearts out along with our musical soundtracks, and hear a playback recording of their performance.


Enter the Boy’s World for Mishnayos contests and leining lessons. Girl’s World has read-alongs with sound effects, advice line, Sunday Clubs and more.


Our Junior Division, geared towards kids ages 6-8, has its own set of games, features, and activities, custom designed for a younger audience.


And the Grand Mega piece D’resistance: Make your own CD. Every week, your child can record the next segment in a fascinating story, with coaching from professional actors. Then we add sound effects and background music, and when it's all finished, each child receives a state-of-the-art CD that he is the star of!

Sounds like fun? 
Don’t miss out!

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